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My name is Anders Behring Breivik. I am 32 years old, male, Norvegian. And - what I never ever told to anybody - I am a cocksucker. Yes, you read it clearly: I used to work as a homosexual prostititute near Oslo in a bar, where I usually sucked cocks during the nights.

You might not believe this because you see my beautiful wife one of my picture. Well, she is very pretty, but I married to her for distraction, to not to known my true sexual identity. And of course when we go to somewhere, then everybody turns around to see how cool guy am I when a such kind od chick wlks next to me like a dog.

Then probably asked why did I choosed this. Well it is simple: I needed more money. Ok, I had a quite good job, and I could live from it even a such expensive country like ours, but it was not enough. I wanted more, I wanted to be rich, that even buy a big house like playboy mansion, has a Lamborghini and a Ferrari in my garage, travel all around the world, drinking only the most expensive champagne-s and has many things to own. Oh yes, I wanted all...

But soon I had to realize that I have no special skills: my poets were ridicules, my paintings were ugly, my voice could destroy icebergs, my body was not perfekt for a model and even insport competitions was I allways the last. Even as an actor could not be succesfull, because I can not remember my lines.

So the only way was for me, and then became a gay prostite. Oh, it was a wonder, to have sex strong males who then gave me a giand orgasm in my asshole! Oh, I love to taste Norvegian cum, and has a doggy on a Norvegian flag. Oh, that was my best years of my life!

Then suddenly others coming: gay-prostitutes from other countries. They taken my job, because nobody wanted to fuck with a Norwegian when they could get a black or ebony or asian. Even cheeper! My clients turned away, and the money was gone (I did not saved anything, because I wanted to do this until I die), and my living of standards was dropping fast. I hated them, because they taken my job, the job, what I really liked.

Then I started to escort myself with some rich arabians, but their cum does not tasted me, and they were not as a good assfuckers. So I started to hate them, hate all the bad lovers, and I decided to stop this influence.

So that is the reason that I made the things I made: I do not want to fuck with any other nation! No higher or nationalistic ideas, only money and to feel myself comfortable.

Please read this letter carefully, and read it before the judges to hear my true story and reason!

Anders Behring Breivik
Asshole of Norvegia
Cocksucker of the World

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